In the future the main utility of the $GOAT token will likely be to control the DAO if one is created. This DAO will make decisions such as where fees are distributed, community projects to support, and what strategies the protocol should be investing into.

The token may also be used to give holders benefits on the protocol such as lower trading fees or early access to pools that are launching.

At the moment the token does not give much utility but 40% of LP fees of 0.99% trading volume (as of this point, but changes could happen) will be used to buyback and burn tokens in order to create an ever-decreasing supply. Buybacks rather than staking and reward mechanisms make it much easier for users to benefit as they do not need to spend gas to stake a token to receive the same reward, and economically they give equivalent benefits.

However for the first 3 months after launch, these buybacks will go toward users the held $INEDIBLE and $GOAT before the launch of the protocols.

Ideally once the DAO is live these buybacks will make it more and more costly to manipulate any DAO actions and ensure its security.

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