Dividend Token

Dividend token documentation

Token Description:

The DividendToken is a type of token that can be used to distribute Ether to users proportionally to their held tokens. It also includes the ability for the owner to take taxes if desired. The contract allows teams to deposit Ether, which is then "dripped" to users over a specified period.

Token Interface for Maintenance:

  • transferTreasury(address _newTreasury) - Allows the owner or treasury to change the treasury address.

  • changeDex(address _dexAddress) - Allows the owner or treasury to change the address of the dex where taxes should be sold.

  • setTaxes(address _dex, uint256 _buyTax, uint256 _sellTax) - Allows the owner to set buy and sell taxes on the dex.

  • revokeRewardsEligibility(address _user, bool _revoked) - Allows the owner or treasury to revoke addresses, such as dex, from receiving rewards.

  • withdraw(uint256 _amount, address payable _to) - Allows the owner or treasury to withdraw rewards that are stuck in the token contract (rewards of revoked users).

  • transferRewarder(address _newRewarder) - Allows the owner or rewarder to update the rewarder's address.

  • addDividend(uint256 _dripTimeInSeconds) - Allows the rewarder/team to drip Ether to users over time.

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