Technical Overview

Goat Trading is based on Uniswap V2 but includes functionality specific to the protocol. The main extra functionality is:

  • MEV protection

  • Bootstrapping liquidity (starting pools with virtual Ether and raising it as the token is traded)

  • Vesting protection

  • All fees taken in Ether and separate from liquidity (lps can collect lp fees without burning lp token)

  • Liquidity locks for initial liquidity provider (Not just initial lp but minimum for others as well inorder to restrict bad lps from fees sandwiching)

  • A β€œtakeover” function that allows teams to reset a pool that a griefer made

  • Pairs are created against eth(weth)

We have also removed:

  • TWAP

Other than these, algorithmic functionality should be the same as Uniswap. The x * y = k equation should always be used, although k will be adjusted once a pool goes from bootstrapping period to the main period. This will result in a loss of liquidity.

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