Tax Token

Tax token documentation

Token Description:

The TaxToken is a plain tax token that applies a buy or sell tax when a transfer is made to or from a dex. The tax is taken in tokens, and sold on every sale, a dex swap is automatically executed to trade the taxes for Ether. Ownership is split between "owner" and "treasury," allowing the power to change taxes to be relinquished without losing the ability to change where taxes are sent or change the dex on which taxes are sold.

Token Interface for Maintenance:

  • transferTreasury(address _newTreasury) - Allows the owner or treasury to change the treasury address.

  • changeDex(address _dexAddress) - Allows the owner or treasury to change the address of the dex where taxes should be sold.

  • setTaxes(address _dex, uint256 _buyTax, uint256 _sellTax) - Allows the owner to set buy and sell taxes on the dex.

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