For the initial 3 months after protocol launch there will be farming for users trading on the protocol. The rewards will be 5% of the entire token supply, equally split between 90 1-day periods.

0.055% of $GOAT supply will be rewarded to traders each day regardless of the amount of trading occurring on the protocol. These rewards will be split between traders based on their share of trading throughout the day. For example, if one person trades $1 on a day when no one else has done any trading, they'll receive the entire 0.055% or ~49B tokens. If $1,000,000 is traded and one person has done $100,000 of that volume, they'll receive ~4.9B tokens.

Rewards will be recorded and at the end of the 3 months tokens will be vested to anyone who traded during the initial period.

These tokens will not be newly minted but rather come from team funds and what was previously DAO funds.

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