Mandatory Liquidity Lock

To stop teams from rugpulling a token right after a new launch, we've implemented mandatory liquidity locks for all new pools. They have the same purpose as current liquidity lockers, but function a bit differently than what's standard.

Most lockers today lock liquidity from a pool until a certain date then on the date it can all be withdrawn. This negates a lot of rug pull potential, but is not as safe as it can be. The biggest problem with it is that teams can pretend to be in it for the long run until that date, then immediately remove everything.

Our solution to this problem is to only allow a certain percent of liquidity to be removed at a time. With our initial variables, the liquidity lock will allow 25% of the initial liquidity amount to be removed each week. This allowance for liquidity will not rollover.

For example, a team may withdraw 25% of the initial liquidity amount in week 1. If they do not withdraw week 2, they can still only withdraw a maximum of 25% at week 3. If they then wait a year, they can still only withdraw 25% again at that point.

This strategy ensures communities can never be blindsided by rug pulls as they will always take a certain amount of time to execute, during which communities can see what's happening and question the team and/or sell their tokens.

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